Product Introduction

PZ-7 type gunite machine is a new and efficient wet sprayed concrete construction equipment. It has many advantages, such as high efficiency, stable performance, easy operation and maintenance, strong adaptability, etc. PZ-7 type gunite machine consisted of driven electric motor, reducer, rubber elbow, the assembly rotor body , rubber wheel, seal plate, seat hopper, vibrating hopper, pressed bodies, accelerator conveyor systems, air duct system, electronic control devices and other components.

Scope of application

PZ-7-type spraying machine is widely used in construction, mining, tunnels, culverts, subway, hydropower engineering, underground engineering and high marsh coal mine tunnel shotcrete construction operations,various industrial furnaces, repairing or spraying refractory lining and various green slope, soil transport and injection.


1. Caster structure, more convenient to move.

2. Through type rotary, non-sticky, unobstructed discharge, high efficiency and time-saving.

3. Four-point clamping device makes it easy to adjust the press between sealing plate and rotor disk so as to reduce air and dust leak and prolong consumption parts life.

4. Using low-tension, high-speed vortex pneumatic transportation, so the spraying flow is even, continuous and steady. It's good to improve the shotcrete quality.

5. The new nozzle, discharge elbow device, improving spray deposition effect, less resilient, high quality shotcrete.

6. High-quality and wear rubber sheet & liner, greatly improved life.

Technical Parameter

Model   PZ-7

Working capacity    7m 3 /h

Air pressure    0.4-0.6Mpa

Air consumption     8-10m 3 /min

Max aggregate size    20mm

Max conveying distance  wave spray   ≤ 200m

Motor power    7.5kw

Voltage class   380V,440V,660V,1140V

Outer size   1300×800×1300mm

usage and operation method

  The operator must read the instruction manual and are familiar with the machine structure and operating procedures before induction operation.

1. Preparation before starting.

A.Inspect all components to see whether they are connected securely, each rotary sliding parts are flexible and reliable.

B. Observe the cursor, check the gear box oil to make sure that it is sufficient.

C. Drive motor connected to the power. the direction of the turn font should be in the same direction with arrows , otherwise the power supply should be synchronized.

D. The main gas line, the gas line, under gas line, pneumatic vibrator, sprinklers water shut-off valve should be in the closed state. The main gas line accesses to supply pipe and the water supply pipe accesses to water source, conveying pipe connects to the host.

E. Adjust the clamping mechanism.  Manually pre-pressed, and then uses a wrench to tighten the bend conveying pipe, open the main gas line, shut-off valve on the gas line, observe the pressure gauge at around 0.3Mpa, and the rubber combined board office should no gas spill.

2. First open the main gas jet operating road, on the gas line, the next gas valve, open the water supply shut-off valve nozzle, pre-wet rock surface, and then start the motor, turn the vibrator pneumatic valves, mixing materials added to the hopper , began spraying operation. Nozzle operator should work properly adjusted sprinkler water supply, protect the material has a suitable water-cement ratio concrete. Host operating personnel should observe the host side I pores, such as more than material discharged under should be properly reduced the amount of gas supply. Until the machine I No material at the discharge port, the device works so far.

3. Stop operation shut down before the first stop feeding, with no material ejected at the nozzle, turn off the water supply shut-off valve, while adding a small amount to wet gravel hopper, the hopper and rotor material times the cavity of the residual material washed away, with no material ejected at the nozzle, turn off the motor power and the gas shutoff valve.


Quality inspection report


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