Powered roof supports Product Introduction

Hydraulic support is a kind of structure used to control the surface pressure of the coal extraction, which is developed on the basis of long wall working face hydraulic support. They are same in the function of the control, maintaining direct, move over and conveyor. But in caving organizations force, assured a bracket, bracket, dust and other features are different.

Powered roof supports Selection Requirements

1.Hydraulic support have caving body with hydraulic control. Request the caving body with good control performance, opening and closing fast, reliable, big coal, less prone to jam, and has a good spray dust suppression devices.

2.Caving body is with a performance of powerful, reliable broken coal. Generally, blasting down coal and coarse coal on a support.

3.Support should have the function features of pushing forward the back of the belt conveyor coal and clean up the rear.

Powered roof supports Main Characteristics

Support stability, continuous, favorbale effect, cost-effective. It is suitable for the medium hard coal, jointed and fractured clear or good thick coal seams

Powered roof supports Technical Parameters

Model                Support Heightm   Bearing capacityKN Bearing pressureMPa    Baseboard pressureMPa    Push Distancemm

ZF3200/16.5/25        1.65-2.5                      3200                  0.68-0.76                         1.1-1.8                               700

ZF3800/17/28           1.7-2.8                       3800                   0.65-0.67                        0.9-1.8                               700

ZF5000/17/32           1.7-3.2                       5000                   0.79-0.82                         1.2-1.8                             700

ZF6400/17.5/28        1.75-2.8                     6400                   0.94-0.96                        average 2.5                        700

ZF8000/17/32          1.7-3.2                        8000                   1.09-1.12                          1.3-1.8                            900

ZF9200/22/32          2.2-3.2                        9200                  1.07-1.09                           1.15-1.17                        900

ZF11000/20/38        2.0-3.8                       11000                   1.11                              average 2.98                      900

Powered roof supports Figure Photos

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