Product Introduction of KTH18 Explosion-Proof BEN AN Automatic Mine Telephone

1. KTH 18 intrinsically safe automatic telephone is not only used underground ,but also hard places with high temperature, high moisture, strong pollution;

2. The material of cover is static-free, with features of waterproof, dustproof, anticorrosion and the protection degree IP54;

3. Installation ,desk-top ,hanging type optional, by adopting the newest electronic switch structure, all the components is fixed strongly.

4. The keyboard is totally sealed with noctilucence and there are keys for emergency call, hang up and recall;

5. With communication distance adjustment switch, it is possible to adjust the switch to improve the communication effects according to the distance between the telephone and dispatch master station for the situation of long communication distance  and insulation of wire is not good.

Main Parameter of KTH18 Explosion-Proof BEN AN Automatic Mine Telephone



Max input DC voltage


Max input circuit Current


Max input bell stream voltage

60V(25 ±3)HZ

Max input bell stream circuit current


Weight (kg)


Communication Distance

≤10km,model: MHYV1*2*7/0.37

Anti noise level


Bell ringing level




Protection Level



Wall Mounting/Table


KTA17 safe coupler

Dial model

Tone and Pulse


Explosion proof /waterproof/ anti corrosion/anti dust

Figure Photos of KTH18 Explosion-Proof BEN AN Automatic Mine Telephone

KTH18 Explosion-proof BEN AN Automatic mine telephone

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