Product introduction
Underground  Electric Scraper Winch

Mainly used to metal,chemical contribution and the mine.

The scrape winch is just suitable to the parallel transportation on groundor the slopes within 500 Not be the hoisting machines.

These parts were installed inside and outside the shell the shell is a good steel parts to protect the supporting role and also to bear all the load.It is connected on the basis of two slide bolt.

Scope of application
Product advantages
Product features
technical parameter
Item Unit Model of winch
2JP-7.5 3JP-7.5 2JP-15 3JP-15 2JP-30 3JP-30 2JP-55 3JP-55
Volume of scraper pan 0.1 0.25 0.4 0.6
Average puling Force of working drum KN 8 14 28 50
Average Speed of wire ropem/s1.
Diameter of wire ropemm9.312.515.518.5
Rope capacity of drumm458090100
Electric powerKW7.5153055
Motor speedm/s1440 12101460 15251470 16851485 2070
Overall dimensionlengthmm1210152516852070
Item Unit Model of winch
Volume of scraper pan
Average puling Force of working drum KN 546278
Average Speed of wire ropem/s1.31.31.3
Diameter of wire ropemm202324.5
Rope capacity of drumm180125110
Electric powerKW7590100
Motor speedm/s148014801480
Overall dimensionlengthmm235024002600
technical parameter
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