Introduction Of  Cement foaming machine

1.The power of the device is use the compressed air,with the short time,the foam is the independent mesh bubble,and it is with rich foam, fine and large quantity.and the capacity can reach 30-40m3

2.The weight is light,it is convenient to move or hang to floor for construction

3.It is easy to operate, the bubble can be produced as switched on

4.The foam is exquisite even as the cheese,All kinds of foaming agent both at home and abroad can be used

5.The power can be adjusted based on customer request,and reduce the noise, reduce the dosage of the foaming agent, and can reduce power consumption.

6.It is widely used in:foamed concrete cut into parts, light wall space, fire prevention door plank core chlorine magnesium oxide and glassy magnesium foamed cement production line of the environmental protection such as composite duct foaming auxiliary equipment,and with the character of large amount of foam, use convenient, etc.

Parameter of Cement foaming machine









Rotation Speed


Pictures Of Cement foaming machine

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