Mining Level Man Car

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Mining Level Man Car

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The important means of transportation in the underground coal mine mouth
is of course the indispensable vehicle. It is an important tool for the
mine to safely carry people, and is an indispensable means of
transportation for underground coal mine operations.

Energy efficient safety regulations
Mining Level Man Car

The alleys are pulled by the electric car and run in groups.


Mining Level Man Car adds spring buffer


Traction, smooth running, safe and comfortable

Use introduction

The alleys are mainly used for mines in the underground mines and flats that do not exceed 26 miles, and can transport wounded and sick people and other disaster relief materials. They are towed by electric vehicles and run in groups.

Mining Level Man Car
Mining Level Man Car
Mining Level Man Car
Mining Level Man Car
Precautions for use

In order to be smooth at the time of operation, a spring buffer device is added, which can be stabilized when starting or stopping, and a buffer spring is mounted on the traction device of the vehicle.

Level Roadway Man Car

The vehicle relies on the power of the traction locomotive, which can be operated by bicycle or group, saving the transportation time and improving the working conditions of the workers.

Mining Level Man Car
Understand the problem and prevent it
  • The alley man-car is a safe manned tool for the mine. It is an indispensable means of transportation for underground coal mine operations. In order to ensure the safety of personnel, operation and overhaul are very important.

    Mining Level Man Car
  • The people in the alleys should listen to the driver's signal when they are riding. Do not stand in the car to prevent electric shock. Do not sit in the car and stand at the junction of the two cars, so as not to be accidentally injured and not allowed to sit on the miner's lamp. Box and self-rescuer.

    Mining Level Man Car
  • Don't get crowded when getting off the car. If the car doesn't stop or has already started, it is not allowed to go up and down. It is not allowed to slam up or jump in the train. Otherwise, it is easy to fall and electric shock. When a gunner carries an explosives box, it must be transported by private car. Others are not allowed to sit with them.

    Mining Level Man Car
working principle
the one

The open wheel pair uses a tapered roller bearing, the contact material is polyurethane, and the installation form is a single head of the mine car.

Mining Level Man Car
the two

The coupling adopts a locking structure, and the steering gear, the coupling and the contact are spring-damped.

Mining Level Man Car
the third

The alley car has a front and rear end plate and a metal ceiling. The outer steel plate of the car uses 2mm thick steel plate, and the inner 0.5mm thick stainless steel plate is used as the carport.

Mining Level Man Car

Level Roadway Man Car

The floor of the compartment is made of a patterned steel plate, and the chassis is brushed with anti-rust paint. Install high-strength plastic steel chair, 12 cars per car.

Product parameters
Technical Parameters of PRC Series Mining Manned Level Man Car
PRCmodel PRC6 PRC12 PRC18
seating capacity 6 12 18
Max SpeedM/S 3 3 3
tractive forceKN 30 30 30
Horizontal curve radius m 8 8 8
gaugem 0.6 0.6 0.762/0.900
Haule height m 0.380 0.380 0.380
Length m 3.100 4.280 4.280
Width m 1.020 1.020 1.300
Height m 1.580 1.552 1.552

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