Introduction of Intelligent miner lamp charger

The intelligent miner lamp charger is a charger specially developed for the charging of underground miner's lamps. The product is small in size, light in weight and convenient to carry, and is widely applicable to various lead-acid, nickel-chromium, nickel-hydrogen and lithium-ion type miner's lamps. It adopts ABS engineering plastic shell, switching power supply circuit and two-color LED to indicate high mechanical strength, wide voltage adaptability range and charging status at a glance.

Parameter of Intelligent miner lamp charger

Input voltage (110 ~ 250) V / 50Hz

Output voltage DC (7 ± 0.5) V

Rated current <1A

Rated power 8W

Working temperature: (-20 ~ 50) °C

Storage temperature: (-40 ~ 60) °C

Relative humidity: 90% RH (40 ° C)

Charging capacity

Charging time <9h

Dimensions 110×68×52mm

Weight 200g

Precautions of Intelligent miner lamp charger

1.Before using the charger, check that the charging card holder is securely installed and that the input power cord is loose or damaged.

2.The charger must be tested before power-on. When the test is not connected to the load, the indicator light is on after the power is turned on, indicating that the output is normal, and then the miner's lamp can be connected for charging.

3.Easy to use, safe and reliable

The charger also has output short circuit, over current, over voltage protection and self-recovery function. Constant current, constant voltage charging. The indicator light is green when the battery is charging, and the indicator light is red when the battery is fully charged.

Photos of Intelligent miner lamp charger

Intelligent Miner Lamp ChargerIntelligent Miner Lamp Charger

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