Application of Mining Rescue Oxygen Breathing Apparatus

1) Any atmospheric environment contaminated by poisonous gases, smoke and steam

2) Temperature: -20 ~ + 60

3) Humidity: 0% ~ 10%

4) Atmospheric pressure: 70 ~ 125KPa in atmospheric environment

Technical parameters of Mining Rescue Oxygen Breathing Apparatus

Rated protection time


Gas cylinder volume


Working pressure


Gas storage capacity of cylinder


Quantitative oxygen supply

> 1.4L / min

Automatic replenishment oxygen supply

> 80L / min

Exhaust valve opening pressure

400 ~ 700Pa

Automatic supply valve opening pressure

50 ~ 200Pa

Intake temperature

35 (ambient temperature 25 )




520 × 420 × 170 (mm)

Photos of Mining Rescue Oxygen Breathing Apparatus

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