Introduction of Hydraulic Rail Bending Machine

Hydraulic Rail Bender is used to on the rail under 24 kg/m and vertical curved track. Hydraulic Rail Bending Machine has the advantages of : saving power, a person can complete the curved or straight rail track action, unloading fast, you can quickly get a lot of bends.

Disadvantages: cylinder portion wearing high maintenance costs; only take relatively small curvature bend below 150 ° bend, you need several minutes to complete. Suited to take round bends and curved corners.
Hydraulic Rail Bender is a railroad and a common railway maintenance equipment, you can get straight rails bend as needed, you can also get bend rails straight.

Technical Parameters of Hydraulic Rail Bending Machine

Specifications Model: KWPY-400 type, KWPY-600 type
Use range :18-24Kg / m rail, 38-50Kg / m
Maximum capacity of rail curved track: 294KN (30tf), 549KN (56tf)
Piston stroke:100mm, 170mm
Curve components Dimensions:60×260×100(mm),70×270×183(mm)

Pictures of Hydraulic Rail Bending Machine

KWPY-600 Hydraulic Rail Bending Machine

Because of the production batch, the specific model are different, the above pictures are only for reference , you can contact our sales staff for further details on the specific verification.

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