Profile Of DFB Long Metal Beam

DFB Long Metal Beam is a heavy duty non-articulated roof beams, DFB type can be used with all types of long metal beam monomer composition of the metal pillars with metal stents for the horizontal and gently coal mining face and head are inclined or other larger areas using roof control.

DFB long metal beam can support long span cantilevered roof roof control area, to achieve a greater face without pillars supporting the work space, improve working conditions and the use of new coal mining machinery and flexible transport cashier favorable transformation condition.

Parameter Of DFB Long Metal Beam

1, the carrying capacity of the beam span of 700mm, the beam central concentrated load;
2.weight contains 0.7kg/m weld weight
3.Model specifications differ for each increase of one standard 200mm
Characteristic length allowable bending beam load capacity (KN) Weight
Model Specification (mm) (KN.m) Min Max (kg/m)
DFB.C-1400~4400 1400~4400 52.50 300 400 20.78
DFC.C-1400~4400 1400~4400 35 200 250 17.15

Photo Of DFB Long Metal Beam

DFB Long Metal BeamDFB Long Metal BeamDFB Long Metal Beam

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