Introduction Of Pipe Joints Anchor

Pipe Joints Anchor is a full-length, active stabilization of the new rock bolt, it is a three-dimensional part of the longitudinal slit of high-strength steel, when installed in a slightly smaller diameter than the hole, you can immediately in the entire length of the radial pressure is applied to the hole wall rock fell and blocked the friction, coupled with bolt tray pallet load bearing capacity, so that the surrounding rock stress state in three, and to achieve rock solid. Anchored in rock blasting vibration transfer such circumstances, the latter anchoring force has significantly increased, when a significant displacement of rock, bolt does not lose its support resistance, it is more than up shell anchor with better characteristics.

Parameters Of Pipe Joints Anchor

(1)Initial anchoring force: 3~7ton;   

(2)Pipe ring pull-off load: 8~10ton;   

(3)anchor tube tensile breaking capacity:12~13ton;   

(4)corrosion resistance the high of 20 to 30% than A3 steel,be suitable for long-term use

Specifation Of Pipe Joints Anchor

(1)Outer dia.(mm):Φ30,Φ33,Φ40,Φ43(±0.5)   

(2)Length(mm):1200,1500,1800,2000,2500   (or customized);   

(3)Materia:16Mn,20 Mnsi;

Pictures Of Pipe Joints Anchor

Pipe Joints AnchorPipe Joints AnchorPipe Joints Anchor

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