Introduction Of Metal Mesh

Metal Mesh could be divided into rolled into different categories (one, two, three) of welded steel, cold drawn round steel bars welded mesh, cold rolled ribbed steel welded mesh.

In construction, the steel mesh welding procedures are computer controlled to ensure the welding quality and stability of the spacing, without loss of strength and reinforcement of the original cross-sectional area.

Parameters Of Metal Mesh

(1) save more than 33% of steel, reduce costs 10% -30%;

(2) improve construction speed, shorten the construction period of approximately 80%;

(3) improve the quality of engineering structures, bonding with the concrete anchor reliable bonding strength equivalent to more than 3 times plain bar, and the overall good, the deviation is small, crack resistance increased by 75% or more.

Pictures Of Metal Mesh

Metal MeshMetal MeshMetal Mesh

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