QF400 Concrete Road Saw Introduction

QF400 Concrete Road Saw is designed for strength, durability and performance. Whether cutting concrete or asphalt, the reinforced steel box frame design adds strength necessary to reduce vibrations while sawing. Minimizing vibrations enhances the performance of the blade and extends the life of the saw. 

QF400 Concrete Road Saw Feature 

1. Super-rigid box frame ensures straight cuts while resisting warping and vibration prolongs saw life,extends blade life 
2. Comfortable grip handle
3. Easy crank for raising/lowering cutting depth 
4. Hinged front, lift-up blade guard is designed to provide easy blade replacement 
5. Easy-remove, rustless poly water tank provides an optimum flow and volume of water to the blade.

6. Throttle control as standard part.

QF400 Concrete Road Saw Parameter



blade dia (mm)


cutting slot width (mm)


cutting depth (mm)


working speed (m/min)


engine type

Honda, Robin, Lifan

engine power (hp)


water tank volume (L)


blade speed (rpm)


N W (kg)


G W (kg)


packing way

hob with carton

packing size (cm)


QF400 Concrete Road Saw Photo

QF400 Concrete Road Saw

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QF400 Concrete Road Saw BL

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