Introduction of Ride On Type Concrete Power Trowel

1. Ride on type concrete power trowel, greatly reducing the labor intensity and improve work efficiency.

2. Installed two simultaneous disk wiping, quick to mention pulp.

3. The two-way ten lobes with the weight of 400kg could reach better compaction effect to the concrete ground.

4. Mechanical steering operating system, responsive, easy to operate, and comfortable.

5. With variable gear, high-grade smear speed of up to 160 rev / min to make light yield faster, better, low-grade pulp can wipe disk mention more powerful.

6. Equipped with high-horsepower electric start engine, to provide a strong and reliable power.

7. A safety shut-off switch that can rapidly turn off the engine, to ensure safety.

8. The control screw to adjust the blade angle.

9. Sprinkler and lighting designed to facilitate construction.

10.  Fitted with a lift walking round, easy to change smear, for wiping the disc as well as walking.

Parameter of Ride On Type Concrete Power Trowel




Honda GX690 24HP

Blade size


Blade quantity


Blade pitch


Disc diameter




Total weight


Rotational speed


Operating mode

Driving type

Starting system

Electric start

Fuel Tank Capacity


Lubricating oil volume


Engine type

Two cylinder oil air-cooled

Automatic water spray


Construction lighting


Walking wheels

Lift type

Pictures of Ride On Type Concrete Power Trowel

Ride On Type Concrete Power Trowel

Ride On Type Concrete Power TrowelRide On Type Concrete Power Trowel

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