Product Introduction

  NT6101 х、γ radiation meter is specially designed to measure х、γradiation dosesor rate in all kinds of radioactive working areas.In comparison with similar meter in china ,this meter has a wider measuring range of dose rate. It has been widely used in hygiene department, environmental protection, metallurgy, petroleum, chemical industry, radioactive laboratories, commodity inspection and etc.
_High sensitivity, wide measuring range, good energy response
_High-speed low power consumption microprocessor
_Digital and gauge double display 
_English interface display
_LCD digi display 
_800 group data can be saved
_Dose rate and total doses can be measured
_Alarm function (alarm function /choke/Detector failure)
_Battery Indicator
_Solid stainless steel shell

Main Parameter

_Energy threshold value:35Kev
_Measuring range:
_Dose rate:0.01~500.00µSv/h
_Accumulative dose:0.00µSv~99999µSv
_Energy range:40Kev~3Mev
_Energy response:≤±30%(relative to137Cs)
_Relative error:≤±10%
_Measurement time:1~120 adjustable
_Alarm threshold:0.25、2.5、10、20、60(µSv/h)
Dose rate :µSv/h、µGy/h、µR/h(selectable)
Accumulative dose:µSv
_Counting rate:  CPS
_Power source:1#battery(Two batteries)
_Power:≤120mW(not contains backlighting power consumption)
_Weight:1.80Kg(contain battery)
_Size 42×23×15(cm)

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