Product Introduction

NT6103A radiation place monitor is a type of economy is multi-purpose ray detecting instrument. Instruments built a radiation detector, high sensitivity adopted high-speed microprocessors for data processing, LED display is clearly visible, with super threshold sound and light alarm function.
Instrument can be used fixed in radioactive workplace, can also according to the need to move into a temporary surveillance area. Instrument USES switch power supply, can also be equipped with battery power supply, instrument can be used as portable X-ray detector.
It is environmental laboratory, irradiation chamber, nuclear medicine and molecular biology, radiochemistry and nuclear materials storage areas such as gamma and X-ray radiation dose rate test of the ideal instrument. NT6103A model for external detector, detector and host range up to 1000 meters.

Functional features
1.efficient GM tube detector
2. indicates a radioactive intensity of sound frequency
3. dose rate exceeds the threshold alarm function
4. ultra low power design
5.leds is highlighted
6. units show mu Sv/h, mR/h
7.exceeds the threshold alarm
8.alarm threshold can be set manually
9. jam alarm
10. detector failure indication
11. external sound and light alarm device
12. wall-mounted installation

Main Parameter

1.measuring range  0.01 ~ 5000 uSv/h, 0.01 ~ 500 Mr/h
2. agent sensors  thin wall type of GM counter range  40 kev ~ 3 mev
4. acuity  p 3000 CPM/mR/h
5. relative error  15% or less
6. power supply  DC 7 v ~ 24 v (standard 12 v switching power supply)
7. temperature range  - 10 ℃ to 50 ℃
8. humidity range  relative humidity of 95% or less (40 ℃) size weight  0.5 kg; 160 * 110 * 35 mm
The configuration list
10. NT6103 type configuration  instruments, sound and light alarm, switch power, certification, warranty CARDS, manuals
11. NT6103A type configuration  host, detector, sound and light alarm, 10 meters connecting cable, switch power, certification, warranty CARDS, manuals

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