Product Introduction

   MKS-05P TERRA-P Personal Radiation Alarm Detector Applicable occasions 
1. for civil construction evaluation of radioactive detection
2. personal dose monitoring alarm
3. industrial X-ray, gamma nondestructive flaw detection, radiation detection
4. radiology site radiation detection
5. cobalt source, electron accelerator irradiation
6. radioactive radiation detection laboratory radiation detection
7. nuclear facilities in the surrounding environment radiation detection 
8. soil surface contamination
9. radiation detection 
10. ore, building materials, radioactive pollution of agricultural products

Functional features
1.three separate measurement channels rotate in the same LCD screen display
2.built-in gamma, beta sensitive GM counters
3.automatically adjust the measurement time interval and measurement range
4.sound indicator to measure each of the gamma and beta radiation event particles
5.dose rate sound alarm limit can be set display, four battery indicator.
7.two AAA batteries
8.shockproof housing, compact design

Main Parameter

1.Gamma radiation dose equivalent 0.01μSv-999.9mSv
2.Beta-particles surface radiation density 10-100 000;
3.Gamma radiation 0.05~3.0; ±25%MeV
4.Beta radiation 0.5~3.0;MeV
5.Temperature range  -10~+50°C
6.Size 120x52x26(mm)
7.Weight 0.2kg

Figure Photos

     MKS-05P TERRA-P Personal Radiation Alarm Detector

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