Features of ZBL-U5 Ultrasonic Detector

1.ZBL-U5 Ultrasonic Detector is signal waveform, acoustic wave parameter real-time display, real-time data analysis and output. Internal defects displayed graphically in real-time, test results clearly understandable.
2.Accurate and rapid automatic read-in and analysis of acoustic wave transit time and fluctuation range guarantees the reliability and efficiency of the test data, and markedly improves the detection speed.
3.In no-defects concrete, the parallel measurement penetrating distance can reach 10 meters, electrical discharge machining (EDM) vibrating source single time stimulant with a penetrating distance of more than 50 meters.
4.Emission source: External trigger port support electrical discharge machining (EDM), giant-magnetostriction transducer, and etc.
5. Random analysis function can satisfy the needs of on-site data analysis.
6. Dual-channel automatic pile-testing record system with bidirectional depth counting machine and pipe-mouth winch wheel, synchronous recording, display transducer’s location synchronously, freely re-testable, convenient and fast.
7.Analysis and output software’s design is based on existing detection standards, fully supports windows operating system, automatic generation of test-reports.
8. High-reliablity industrial-grade dedicated control system, 256M memory, high definition, bright, and large-size TFT true color LCD, with stable and reliable performance.
9.  ZBL-U5 Ultrasonic Detector equipped with standard USB ports, large-capacity portable memory (memory card).
10.Internal high energy lithium battery, instant charging (no memory), capable of outdoor continuous operation over extended time periods.

Main Parameter of ZBL-U5 Ultrasonic Detector

Iinstrument model

ZBL – U520A

( automatic pile-testing system)

ZBL – U520

ZBL – U510

Main control unit

industrial-grade dedicated system


6.4 Inch high brightness TFT true color LCD

Automatic pile-testing record system

Dual-channel automatic pile-testing record system



Channel number

1 emitter + 2 receiver + 1 external-trigger

1 emitter + 1 receiver


Signal trigger, external trigger

Signal trigger

Sampling interval (period)

0.05μs400μs ,14  adjustable settings



Measuring range


Amplifier gain


Amplifier bandwidth

10 ~250 kHz

Receiver sensitivity

≤30 μV

Range resolution


Emission voltage (V)

65, 125, 250, 1000 v adjustable

Emission pulse-width

20 μs ~ 20 ms adjustable

Storage capacity

256 M ( CF card ) + 1 G ( memory card )



Operation mode

Shortcuts keys  + photoelectric-knob



Built-in lithium battery≥6hrs


Extenal port:9V DC

Alternating Current Power


Size (mm)



1.8 kg (including internal battery)

Images of ZBL-U5 Ultrasonic Detector

ZBL-U5 Ultrasonic DetectorZBL-U5 Ultrasonic Detector

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ZBL-U5 Ultrasonic Detector BL

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