Product Introduction


1.New wavelet analysis and processing technique, effective extraction of the pile bottom reflection signal;

2. Real-time automatic processing of the testing waveform (smoothing, integr al, filtering wave, index, linear magnification, etc.);

3.Signal superposition and averaging, “noise” reduction, superposition signal can be viewed at any time, delete the poor quality signal;

4.P810 can connect with both speed probe and acceleration probe;

5. Photoelectric knob + shortcut keys, making the operation more convenient and fast, testing hundreds of piles in one day

6.Standard USB port, copy data to a memory card, this port can also be used to update software;

7.Battery lifetime of 5 hrs;

8.Professional analysis software for Windows operating system is available. This software is fully featured, and it can produce detailed testing reports. Print settings are flexible, print preview and print processed result;

Main Parameter



Working mode


Control mode

Industrial dedicated control system


6.4 inch high brightness, TFT LCD monitor

Storage method

256M+U disk

Sentinel magnify (time)

1, 10, 100 adjustable

Floating point magnify (time)


A/D resolution (bit)

24 bits (16 bits A/D+8 bits floating point)

Sampling time intervals(μs)

5μs ~ 64ms adjustable

Max length of sampling



Signal trigger, external trigger

Operation method

Photoelectrical knob + shortcut

Noise voltage of the system (mV)


Figure Photos

ZBL-P810 Foundation Pile Dynamic DetectorZBL-P810 Foundation Pile Dynamic Detector    

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ZBL-P810 Foundation Pile Dynamic Detector

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