Functions of AE102A Oxygen Booster Pump

AE102A Oxygen Booster Pump is mainly used for mining ambulance service,it was filling oxygen respirator, compression oxygen for oxygen tanks, and save for chemical, oil, medical, fire control and other relevant station fill oxygen when used. It is an oxygen filling equipment that step up oxygen pressure from source bottle to another gas bottle, let the oxygen pressure of this gas bottle achieve the needed pressure. It is used for pump oxygen, nitrogen and carbon dioxide from source gas bottle and fills in the gas bottle which is waiting for inflating.

Characteristic of AE102A Oxygen Booster Pump

1. For oxygen and non-flammable gas filling filling;
2. High efficiency, better than the national standard oxygen filling pump;
3. Structured, small size, light weight;
4. Simple operation, easy maintenance, low cost.

Features of AE102A Oxygen Booster Pump

1. You needn't to build pump station just put the pump into the water, turn on the switch and it can inhale water itself and won't be influenced by the rain or water. It is light in weight and can be moved away easily.
2. It changes absorpotion lift into pressure lift, the intake of the different qualification offloating pumps will always be in 25-50 cm below the water level. So it is in a suitable position to inhale water. It shorts the pipe and it doesn't need bottom valve, so it can save 10-30 percent of electricity.
3. The seal of axle won't be influenced by sand in the bottom of river and it won't sink in the sands.
4. Available for oxygenation in deep water.
5. The temperature of water for the floating pump inhaled is much higher than water in the bottom of river. So it makes crops growing faster. For example, it can make rice be ripe easlier than usual. The output per hectare can be raised over five percent

Parameter of AE102A Oxygen Booster Pump

Model AE102A
Air filling presure 30MPa
Suction under the condition of displacement 3L/min
compress level 2 level
Max.compress ratio 8
Motor power 2.2KW
Outer dimension (860*565*640)mm

Pictures of AE102A Oxygen Booster Pump

AE102A Oxygen Booster PumpAE102A Oxygen Booster Pump

Due to production batch, the specific model, the above pictures for reference only, you can contact our sales staff to verify the specific

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