Introduction of KDJ Electric Rail Sawing Machine

KDJ Electric Rail Sawing Machine is used in coal mines, ports, mining and other rail of 50 kg/m and below the sawing operation. Electric rail sawing machine is high efficiency, simple operation, reduce labor intensity of electric rail sawing machine, etc. Grinding wheel spindle displacement Angle is big, electric rail sawing machine utilization rate above 90%, the clamping is convenient, fast cutting, saw cut no burn phenomenon. Using gasoline engine as power source, is suitable for the power of the environment, to push on the ground and rails.

Parameters of KDJ Electric Rail Sawing Machine

(1) Motor power:3.0kw(4.0)Voltage:380V, the spindle speed3000r/min
(2) The sawing grinding wheel piece:Φ400×Φ25×4
(3) Cutting range:24—43—75 kg/m
(4) Cut verticality: less than0.5mm
(5) Utilization rate of grinding wheel piece:43rail use 6—7 times 50rail use5—6times 75rail use4—5times
(6) Size:680×430×580
(7) Total weight:65kg(3.0) 75kg(4.0)

Images of KDJ Electric Rail Sawing Machine

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