Introduction of  Railway Steel Rail Cutter

CRC-4.8 Railway Steel Rail Cutter is a special tool for cutting off rail in railway construction, maintenance or emergency construction.

Feature of Railway Steel Rail Cutter

1.Gasoline driven, strong adaptability to an open working environment.

2.Small volume, light weight, and portable.

3.Simple clamping and convenient operation.

4.Large matching power and quick cutting speed.

5.High precision of positioning, good quality of cutting section

Parameter of Railway Steel Rail Cutter

1.Engine power: 6.5HP=4.8kw

2.Linear velocity :Vmax=63m/s

3.Grinding wheel size: Φ400×Φ32×4

4.Cutting section precision squareness tolerance (cutting section against rail longitudinal axis)≤0.5mm

planeness tolerance (interface of bidirection cutting section)≤0.35mm

the cutting section is leveling and smooth without blue spot

5.Machine weight :≤43kg

Pictures of CRC-4.8 Railway Steel Rail Cutter

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