Introduction of QCZ-1 Pneumatic Percussion Drill

Multi purpose QCZ-1 Pneumatic Percussion Drill is portable smart small pneumatic tools, with shock, impact and pure clockwise rotation.

QCZ-1 Pneumatic Percussion Drill is explosion-proof with no spark, safety performance is good wait for a characteristic. Mainly used in rock, brick, concrete components are installed on the pipeline, set up power lines, such as installation of anchor bolt, chemical plants, refineries, construction, heavy industry, is in danger of wet gas tunnel, underwater and narrow space. Especially in mine gas explosion, pneumatic explosion-proof no spark that can reflect the more security.

Operating Principle of QCZ-1 Pneumatic Percussion Drill

The percussion drill by the handle body, the pressing handle, cylinder head, push rod, etc. Compressed air into the pressing handle are connected by a tracheal tube joint, which can adjust the gas into the cylinder regulate line by putting into impact rotary or pure impact, so, reach the role of shock or rotation.

Main Characteristics of QCZ-1 Pneumatic Percussion Drill





Supply Pressure:

0.5 ~ 0.7 Mpa

Bit Specifications::

I; 8 ; 12 ; 16  18 ; 22 ; 24  30

Maximum Drilling Depth:


Impact Energy:


Impact Frequency:


No Load Speed:


Figure Pictures of QCZ-1 Pneumatic Percussion Drill

QCZ-1 Pneumatic Percussion Drill

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