Introduction Of CQD-3 Pneumatic Rock Drill

Model CQD-3 Hand-held Rock Drill is a light-duty tool designed for quarrying and drilling operations. You may expect satisfactory results with the adoption of this drill either in making 20mm holes in rock and buildings or in the secondary blasting of rock, it is most suitable for drilling in marble and granite. Y6 use small taper drill rod with taper chisel bit, diameter 17-22 mm, and use plug hole integral steel also as for stone working, stone trimming, and 2nd splitting blocks.

Advantage Of CQD-3 Pneumatic Rock Drill

Light weight;convenient operation; high efficiency;fast drilling velocity; low consumption; long life parts etc.

Parameters Of CQD-3 Pneumatic Rock Drill

Rated power 5KW
Rated speed 240r/min
Inlet pressure 0.5-0.7MPa
Gas consumption 3m3
Drilling speed 280mm/min
Drilling depth 20-100m
Borehole diameter 42-80mm
Axial thrust 7000N
drill weight 42kg
Rock hardness coefficient <10f
Drill outline dimension 570*360*300(mm) 

Pictures Of CQD-3 Pneumatic Rock Drill

CQD-3 Pneumatic Rock DrillCQD-3 Pneumatic Rock Drill

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