Parameters Of 110mm Diamond Core Drill

This diamond core drill is equipped with an outer adjustable safety clutch and a current overload protection switch. When the drill is blocked or the twisting force is too strong, it can break off the clutch or the switch automatically to protect the drilling machine. It is also safe and reliable for its double insulation. Different size, different power, different design are available. Suitable for usage on steel, stainless steel, NF metals and cast iron.

Characteristics Of 110mm Diamond Core Drill

1. Drill Capacity:0-110mm

2. Drill Length:370/440mm

3. Rated Voltage:220V~

4. Rated Frequency:50Hz

5. Input Power:1400W

6. No-Load Speed:2000r/min

7. G.W./N.W.:5/4KG


9. Mesurement::76*38*35cm

10. Package:Color box & Carton

Pictures Of 110mm Diamond Core Drill

110mm Diamond Core Drill110mm Diamond Core Drill


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