12#I Steel Introduction

I Steel also named steel beam is the cross section for the i-section of strip steel.I Steel are widely used in various building structures, bridges, vehicles, stents, machinery, etc.

12#I Steel Model

1、I Steel basic on Waist height ( h)*Leg width (b)*Waist depth(d),such as“I 160*88*6”,Waist height 160mm,Leg width 88mm,Waist depth 6mm .

2、I Steel's model also can use # on show,such as I 16#.High waist the same beams.such as several different width and waist thick legs.Need to add on the right side model a b c .such as 32a# 32b# 32c#etc.I-steel regular i-steel and light beams, hot rolled beams of average of 10-63 #.

12#I Steel Material


Representation:Waist height ( h)*Leg width (b)*Waist depth(d)

Weight calculation formula: W= 0.00785×(hd+2t b) h= High b= Leg lengh d= Waist thickness t= average legs thickness

12#I Steel Figure Photos

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