Introduction Of Unequal-leg Angle Steel

Angle steel is commonly known as angle iron that strip steel both sides vertical mutually to angle.It's divided to equal angle and unequal angle.Equal angle of two sides width is equal. Its specification use thick edge width x width x while millimeters.Such as “∠30×30×3” indicates that the width is 30 mm while equal Angle steel thickness is 3 mm.It can also show with model means width such as ∠3#.Model does not represent the size of the same type of different edge thickness thus in the contract documents, such as general angle width and thickness size fill in completely, avoid expressed in model alone.The specifications of hot-rolled equal angle is # 2 - # 20.Angle make of a variety mechanical components according to structure different needs also be joints between components.It's widely used in various building structure and engineering structure, such as the beam, bridges, transmission tower, lifting transportation machinery, ships, industrial furnace, reaction tower, container frame and warehouse shelves, etc.

Photos Of Unequal-leg Angle Steel

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