Introduction Of CO gas detector with battery

1. Handheld, industry use;
2. Rugged ABS+PC IP54 case with CITY sensor, CE, RoHS approved;
3. Adjustable high & low alarm point;
4. Visual & audible alarm;
5. SETL & TWA alarm;
6. Low battery warning;
7. Rechargeable battery;
8. LCD screen display;
9. With Stainless Steel belt clip;
10. Support data record, data storage and data transfer;
11. Factory offer, more professional;
12. Welcome OEM and custom design;
13. Gas sensor is replaceable, you can use this case for below sensors:
CO, O2, CO2, CL2, NO, NO2, SO2, H2, etc;
14. With air sampling pump for gas leak detection;
The gas detection instruments we designed are widely used in petrochemical, municipal environmental protection, coal mine, residential places, and other natural and wide ranges of industrial environments.

Parameters Of CO gas detector with battery

Technical indicator


Measuring range


Measurement error


Resolution ratio



Liquid crystal display(LCD)display

Response time

≤45s (T90)

Alarm sound intensity


Alarm light

≥20M visible

Alarm point

can be set in full proceed

Alarm way

Sound, light

Continuous working time


Sensor lifetime

≥2 year

Working current

< 1mA

Battery model


Charging time

4-5 hours

Protection degree


Size / Weight

105×54×32(mm) / 450g

Pictures Of CO gas detector with battery

CO gas detector with battery

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