Introduction Of Portable Combustible Gas Detector

Application :Petrochemical, coal, metallurgy, chemical industry, city gas, and other places on-site detection. Highly intelligent technology, simple operation, stable and reliable; Super small volume, with delicate; Emergency alarm can be set according to user requirements; The secondary sound and light alarm function; The advantages of high definition digital display.

Parameters Of Portable Combustible Gas Detector

Measure principle       The catalytic combustion type sensor
Measuring mode       Dispersive measurement method
Measurement range       0-100%LEL
Accuracy of measurement       ±10%
Emergency alarm Settings    25LEL% ;50%LEL
Display with sound and light alarm    Highlight digital display, alarm sound level 80dB
Resolution    1% LEL
Charging full continuous working time greater than 10
Power source       3.6V Rechargeable battery
Temperature /Humidity      Temperature0~40℃/Humidity≤98%
Dimension /Weigh      135(L)×50(W) ×25(H)mm/200g
Type of protection Model       Ibdl(150℃)Shockproof antistatic ABS chassis
Standard equip       Instrument host, charger, holster, specification, certification, warranty card

Pictures Of Portable Combustible Gas Detector

Portable Combustible Gas DetectorPortable Combustible Gas DetectorPortable Combustible Gas Detector

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