Introduction of K1260 Internal Combustion Rail Cutting Machines

K1260 internal combustion rail cutting machine is a kind of railway engineering maintenance machine. It adopts imported motive power. It not only cuts the rail speed, but also has high quality, and the grinding wheel wears little. It clamps the rail by the clamp clamp and locks the machine. The whole machine is compact in structure, light in weight, convenient in operation, safe and easy to move. It is suitable for railway maintenance, seamless line breakage repair, and cutting of rails in long-track welding plants. When cutting the rail, the vertical tolerance of the rail cross section is guaranteed to be ≤0.2mm, and the finish of the rail section also meets the requirements for use.

Parameter ofK1260 Internal Combustion Rail Cutting Machines

K1260 Rail Sawing Machine


5.8 KW

Saw blade size

350mm(14 ") x25.4mm

Cutting depth

125 mm


20.5 Kg


119 cc

Clamping device: RA10

weight: 5Kg

Cutting precision

vertical precision: ≤ 0.5mm , horizontal precision: ≤ 0.5mm

Saw blade speed

100 m/s

Cutting speed

≤90s (60Kg/m rail)


air-cooled 2 stroke engine

Cylinder output

118cm cubed

Idle speed


Fuel tank capacity

1.25 lit

Saw blade diameter


Maximum cutting depth



20.5/21.1 kg

Vibration of front handle

5/5m/s squared

Handle after vibration

4,1/3,6m/s squared

Sound power level

LWA 117dB(A)

Noise level


Front handle equivalent vibration


Back handle equivalent vibration


Photos of K1260 Internal Combustion Rail Cutting Machines

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