Introduction of RS25 Hydraulic Rail Saw

The newly designed hydraulic rail saw with its bell-crank clamp offers improved ergonomics and optimum protection as well as precise results. Additionally the working time is reduced significantly due to its reversible feature.

The hydraulic rail saw with its improved ergonomics enables the user to stand while cutting. The free floating spark guard guarantees optimum protection for users and the environment. The hydraulic motor provides maximum power while reducing heat and minimizing energy waste. The hydraulic rail saw offers maximum flexibility in usage as it can be used with either a 14 or a 16 inch diameter blade.

Function Rails which have already been mounted to the track can be cut with the PortaCo Inc. Rail Saw. For this purpose, the Rail Saw is mounted on the track. Cutting discs with a diameter of 355 mm and 406 mm can be used with the saw. It is possible to stand during sawing due to the long operating handle. The saw is started as soon as the handle is pressed, and stopped as soon as the handle is released. An additional lock is provided on the handle to prevent accidental activation of the saw. The Rail Saw is hydraulically powered. The hydraulic energy is provided by a hydraulic unit. The hydraulic unit is not part of the scope of delivery. We recommend the Hydraulic Power Units D-23, E-15, G-18, G-21, G-23 or G-31.

Parameter of RS25 Hydraulic Rail Saw




686 mm / 27 inch


1,143 mm / 45 inch


457 mm / 18 inch

Weight, Saw Only

17 kg / 39 lb

Weight, Clamp Only

11 kg / 24 lb

Hydraulic pressure

max. 150 bar / 2,150 psi

max. 150 bar / 2,150 psix

max. 40 lpm / 10 gpm

Idle speed

4800 U/min / rpm

Hydraulic fluid Criteria


Viscosity (at 10 °C)

95 cSt

Viscosity (at 38 °C)

27-42 cSt

Viscosity (at 60 °C)

16,5 cSt

Pour point

-10 °C

Viscosity index (ASTM-D2220)

min. 140

Flash point (ASTM-D92)

min. 171 °C

Pump wear test (ASTM-D2882)

max. 60 mg

Demulsibility (ASTM-D1401)

max. 30 minutes

Photos of RS25 Hydraulic Rail Saw

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