Introduction of High precision Wall Rendering Machine

Independently research and development of a new generation of CNC automatic vertical positioning system, without punching and arranging, high precision, fast speed, one person can operate and position, to ensure the vertical flatness of the wall to the utmost.

Adopting the gear bar ascending and descending mode, the operation is stable and the failure rate is low, which may effectively solve the situation of the machine falling due to the poor flatness of the wall.

The plastering board is made of high-strength manganese plate CNC cutting. No rust, no deformation, high toughness and long life.

The rear part of the plastering board adopts a new generation of low-voltage 24V high-frequency DC brushless motor, which is safe and efficient, and has strong vibration force, which can effectively ensure that the wall surface has no empty drum and no cracking.

The panel and remote control dual control mode can be operated conveniently and quickly under various complicated working conditions.

Parameter of High precision Wall Rendering Machine







Work efficiency


Plaster thickness


Plaster height


Standard configuration


Plaster maximum height




Photos of High precision Wall Rendering Machine

High precision Wall Rendering MachineHigh precision Wall Rendering Machine

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