Introduction Of Handheld Double Bits Concrete Scabbler 

The chiseling method of the traditional mechanical type of chiseling machine is to use a sharp hitting tool to strike the piston on the concrete surface to make the new and old concrete bond firmly. However, the traditional method of chiseling has various drawbacks, such as inefficiency, mechanical oscillating force causing sound wave transmission, and damage to the chiseling body to affect the service life of the chiseling body. At present, for small area chiseling (partial chiseling, facade chiseling, side chiseling, top surface chiseling), a hand-held small chiseling machine can be used, which is effective and does not cause damage to the original structure. damage.

Since many of the current chiseling machinery products not only damage the protective layer of reinforced concrete, but also cause damage or even catastrophic damage to the original structure, many concrete projects, especially bridges and tunnels, are now being smashed. Many large mechanical chiseling machines have been banned. The most used and safest at present is the lossless chiselingof high pressure water jets.

Parameter Of Handheld Double Bits Concrete Scabbler 


Product Name

 Double-head concrete chiseling machine

Product model


Product Type

 Double Head

Impact frequency





Photos Of Handheld Double Bits Concrete Scabbler 

Handheld Double Bits Concrete Scabbler

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