Introduction Of 11 Head Chisel Machine

The 11-head chiseling machine is a tool similar to the "axe" that treats the finished main structural surface to make the construction surface of the two construction stages firmly bonded. Usually, the chiseling machine is applied in the cast-in-place concrete structure. After the cast-in-place plate is poured, the wool is to be chiseled and the next layer is poured to make the concrete bond firmly. Therefore, the "chiseling machine" is also commonly referred to as the "concrete chiseling machine".

11 head chisel products features

The use of the chiseling machine is very extensive, and the silhouette of the chiseling machine can be seen in the following various projects:

1. The surface of the bridge deck is waterproof and chiseled. For the chiseling of waterproofing, our company's chiseling machine is still very effective.

2. The beam surface of the high-speed railway box girder (precast beam) is water-proof and chiseled. If you need it, you can directly inquire.

3. Concrete chiseling on the bridge side, bridge end face, beam side and beam end face, which meets the needs of your project.

4, remove the ground coating, paint, a variety of traffic markings, very efficient and fast to use.

5, cleaning, clearing airport road markings, aircraft track tire braking traces, etc., to regain a rough surface with a high friction coefficient, is a must-have for the airport.

6. For the surface treatment of cement asphalt pavement, highway bridge deck, bridge fault, epoxy wear-resistant ground, etc. For road maintenance companies, our products can meet your needs.

7. Construction of the road micro-surface area, the original old road surface layer is chiseled and removed, prepared for the slurry seal layer, and the engineering contracting necessary tools.

Parameter Of 11 Head Chisel Machine 

Product Name

 Hand push concrete chisel

Product model








Working width


Impact frequency


Air compressor


Photos Of 11 Head Chisel Machine

11 Head Chisel Machine

11 Head Chisel Machine


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