Introduction Of HX-2 Rendering Height To 4 M Auto Plastering Machine

1. Plastering Machine Rack up mode, low running failure rate, light weight magnesium-aluminum alloy material, light weight, appearance car paint, machine life of more than 5 years, while using universal universal wheel, durable, make the machine move Convenient.

2. The material of the plaster board is made of manganese steel panel, which does not rust, deformation, oxidation, good steel and long service life.

3. The motor automatically decelerates, automatically brakes, and is equipped with a leakage protector to protect personnel during machine operation.

4, Plastering Machine uses fully enclosed bearings, no sand, no water, no rust, durable, aluminum bearing box, long-term contact with water is not rust, durable.

5.Plastering Machine adopts split design, the main body box is separated from the hopper and the scraping board. When the Plasting Machine reaches the top, the hopper sinks and the scraping board automatically turns, so that it can be painted to the top at the same time. At the same time, when the machine is lowered, the scraping is performed. Also smeared. No need to manually repair again.

6. With gantry support, the machine is positioned and fixed between the ground and the top surface, which increases the stability of the machine and thus increases the smoothness of the wall.

7. The Plastering Machine thickness adjustment mechanism is designed, and the thickness adjustment is convenient and simple.

8. The high-frequency vibration device is installed on the hopper and the scraping board respectively to achieve the vibration pressure material, the vibration smear, the original road calendering, so that there is no empty drum, cracks and the like.

Parameter Of HX-2 Rendering Height To 4 M Auto Plastering Machine



Plastering Speed




Plastering width


Plastering Height



220v/380v or depends on you



Plastering Thickness


Weight of the host


Work efficiency




Perpendicularity degree


Level degree



Photos Of HX-2 Rendering Height To 4 M Auto Plastering Machine



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