Introduction of Rollers for Belt Conveyors

Steel rubber coated rollers and steel smooth rollers. It has three capacities of the roller: light, middle and heavy capacities. It works normally in dusty, wet and muddy environment.The pulley is stable structure, good performance, more than 50000 hours lifetime.

Main Characteristics of Rollers for Belt Conveyors

1.Diameters of rollers (mm): 200/250/315/320/400/500/630/800/1000/1200/1250mm;

2.Length of pulley: depends on the width of conveyor belt;

3.The width Range of conveyor belt (mm): 500/650/800/1000/1200/1400mm;

4.Applications: used in coal and mining industry, metallurgy, chemical industry, power plant, cement plant, building industry, harbor etc.

Figure Pictures of Rollers for Belt Conveyors

Rollers for Belt Conveyors

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