Product Introduction

Conveyor belt is used to transport of loose materials in lumps and pieces at ambient temperature ranging from -25 to +60°C. Conveyor belts are used for bridging medium and long distances and for transporting heavy material. These standard belts are made of fabric canvas cushioned by layers of rubber and protected by a wear-resistant cover plate. It is used for conveying materials in industries, such as coal, ore, port, metallurgy, electric power and chemical etc.

Main Advantages

1.High level of drag; 

2.Excellent grip with no creep; 

3.Dimensionally stable; 

4.Reliable and maintenance free; 

5.Low drag underside; 

6.Smooth tracking, low energy loss; 

7.Long service life; 

8.Economical to run; 

9.Flexible length ways; 

10.Low power consumption.

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