Introduction of ZYX120 Compressed Oxygen Self-Rescuer

According to the protection time, oxygen self-rescuer can be 15 minutes, 30 minutes, 45 minutes, 60 minutes, 120 minutes. Compared to other rescuers, compressed oxygen self-rescuer can be recycled, which greatly reduced the cost.Compressed oxygen self-rescuer provide the wearer with clean oxygen as pollution and toxic gases or hypoxia occurred.

Features of ZYX120 Compressed Oxygen Self-Rescuer

a, ZYX120 Compressed Oxygen Self-Rescuer using a double-loop circulation breathing, that is breathing from each unidirectional channel, compared with the reciprocating breathing pattern, the advantage is resistance, no dust inhalation, not choking, suction temperature is low, comfortable, safe and reliable.

b, Oxygen has three methods: quantitative oxygen, automatic and manual oxygen supply oxygen supply. Greatly improving the safety and reliability of respiratory protection.

c, filling oxygen absorber replacement, easy maintenance and repair.

d, protection for a long time, easy to self-help.

e, ZYX120 Compressed Oxygen Self-Rescuer has small size, light weight, easy to carry.

f, can be used repeatedly, the use of low cost.

g, pressure indicators observed to Off, and easy to use.

Working Principle of ZYX120 Compressed Oxygen Self-Rescuer

When uses the ZYX120 Compressed Oxygen Self-Rescuer, the cylinder valve counter-clockwise rotation, high-pressure oxygen from the oxygen cylinder pressure through the valve to ≥ 1.2L/min enter airbags, hands off the plate, oxygen nourishing stopped. When the negative pressure in the respiratory system, the platen inward contraction, oppression pressure lever to open the body to ≥ 60L/min oxygen filled balloon and the air bag inflates, air nourishing pole plate away, oxygen nourishing stopped. If the pressure in the respiratory system and the exhaust valve than the discharge pressure, the gas from the exhaust valve overflow. Inhale, oxygen in the air bag has to enter the body through the mouth. Exhale, exhale through the hose into the clean gas tank, gas carbon dioxide chant placed in the clean tank CO2 absorbent, and the remaining gas into the airbag, according to a breathing cycle.

Parameter and Characteristic of ZYX120 Compressed Oxygen Self-Rescuer







≥30 min

≥45 min

≥60 min

≥120 min

Capacity of oxygen bottle





Filling pressure for oxygen bottle





Oxygen storage








Oxygen delivery by

constant flow


Manual operation


Automatic operation


Exhaust pressure












Images of ZYX120 Compressed Oxygen Self-Rescuer

ZYX120 Compressed Oxygen Self-Rescuer

ZYX120 Compressed Oxygen Self-Rescuer

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