Introduction Of ZYX30 30min Compressed Oxygen Self-rescuer

ZYX30 30 minutes isolation compressed oxygen self-rescuer is the human respiratory system protection device, mainly used in coal mine mining operations, when the mine in case of disasters and accidents, resulting in environments with high concentrations of oxygen or toxic gases may be life-threatening when the miners or the rescuer wearing timely, it can achieve protection of the respiratory system and evacuated from the disaster area and be out of danger.

Self-rescuer is essential rescue equipment for mine construction and chemical plants, is to go down state when the mine workers must wear life-saving equipment. when the mine occurs disaster, can be used to solve the oxygen supply of workers in a timely manner, so as to find the nearest rescue places and rescue personnel.

This product is a portable type, mainly used in the mines, fire or other environmental toxic gas pollution ,when the air or oxygen occurs asphyxiating disasters, provide on-site personnel in a timely manner to wear, protect personnel breathe normally and escape disaster.

(1) Initial oxygen generating candle starter device using chlorate oxygen, oxygen generating fast, safe and reliable.
(2) using KO 2 flaky oxygen generating agent, oxygen generating uniformly adequate, less dust, stable performance, low suction temperature, breathing resistance.
(3) the use of glass fiber composite barrier mat, dust resistance effect is good, comfortable to wear.

Parameters Of ZYX30 30min Compressed Oxygen Self-rescuer

Using time: the amount of work: 54.8W 30 minutes
Automatic discharge pressure: 150-300Pa CO2
Absorbers mounted volume : ≥ 350g
Balloon water volume : ≥ 5L
Oxygen cylinder filling pressure : 20MPa
Oxygen bottle oxygen storage capacity: ≥ 56L
Air supply :20-3MPa time quantitative gas volume : ≥ 1.2L/Min
20-5MPa time quantitative gas volume : ≥ 60L/Min
Product Weight (including CO2 absorber and oxygen): 1.9Kg
Outer size:160 *76 *230mm

Pictures Of ZYX30 30min Compressed Oxygen Self-rescuer

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