Introduction Of ZH45 Chemical Oxygen Self Rescuer

ZH45 chemical oxygen self-rescuer is an isolated closed loop respirator. Mainly used in coal mines or the occurrence of toxic gases in ambient air or hypoxia asphyxiating disaster occurs. Wearing it quickly is helpful to protect people fleeing the disaster area keeping normal breathing.

1.Available for workers in the coal mine when gas outburst, fires, explosions and other disasters occurred, and ambulance personnel to evacuate quickly when respirator is failure to use. If people migrate to the underground tunnel large roof fall, blocked staff can wear the rescuer waiting for rescue.

2. the modern high-rise building can be equipped with fire when disaster occurs, for persons in distress to wear to escape and rescue.
3. available for petroleum mining operations, natural gas and other toxic gases prominently be used.
4.for the chemical sector in the maintenance of the equipment or the use of poisonous gases escape. also available to other departments in the toxic gases or oxygen deficient environment.

Parameters Of ZH45 Chemical Oxygen Self Rescuer

1 using a breathing cycle, the gas exhaled by the CO2 absorbent (calcium hydroxide), the CO2 absorber, and the remaining oxygen and oxygen into the bladder pressure reducer output with inhaled through the mouth. Reciprocating breathing (respiratory airflow means have passed absorbers) compared to its advantage is resistance, no dust inhalation, not choking, suction temperature is low and comfortable.
2 has three oxygen ways, quantitative oxygen, automatic and manual oxygenating oxygenating. Greatly improving the safety and reliability of respiratory protection.
3 using advanced decompression theory, small size, light weight, stable and reliable.
4 charged oxygen, calcium hydroxide easy installation, easy maintenance and repair. Reusable, and low cost.

ZH45 chemical oxygen self-rescuer respiratory protection for the respiratory gas reciprocating, using KO2 flaky oxygen goxygen enerating agent, candles starter. Breath by mouth with oxygen bottles of medicine into the raw produce oxygen absorb carbon dioxide, oxygen-containing gas into the airbag. Inhale, airbag gas purification by re-entering the mouth with bottles of medicine, oral inhalation, because oxygen generating agent in oxygen uptake than raw speed of the body consumes oxygen, respiratory protection when the gas is greater than the exhaust valve opening pressure, exhaust automatically open the exhaust valve, lower than the exhaust pressure, exhaust valve automatically shut down to protect the respiratory isolation with the outside atmosphere.
Oxygen generating process main reaction equation is:
2KO2+H2O→2KOH+1.5 O2+heat

Pictures Of ZH45 Chemical Oxygen Self Rescuer

ZH45 Chemical Oxygen Self Rescuer

ZH45 Chemical Oxygen Self Rescuer

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