Introduction of Isolated Chemical Oxygen Self-Rescuer

Product function: chemical oxygen self-rescuer is used in the mine when the mine disaster caused by pollution and toxic gases during hypoxia, providing personnel to go down fresh breathing gas.

Product Usage:
Belt wearing, unplug clip plugs, oxygen candles prompt start.
The mouth has placed in the mouth, lips and mouth with a piece is placed between the teeth, teeth clenching my teeth pad, with the nose clip nose pad to live, starting with mouth breathing. Breathing evenly, quickly evacuate area.
Start of oxygen generating device using chlorate candle oxygen, oxygen generating fast, safe and reliable; using KO2 flaky oxygen generating agent, oxygen generating uniformly adequate, less dust, stable performance, low suction temperature, respiratory resistance; made of glass fiber composite barrier mat, dust resistance effect is good; using non-uniform orifice structure, even in oxygen, CO2 absorption performance is good; small size, light weight and comfortable to wear.

Technical Parameter of Isolated Chemical Oxygen Self-Rescuer

a.Protection Time: Average labor intensity≥30min sit ≥120min
b. inhale the oxygen concentration: ≥ 21%
c. exhaled carbon dioxide concentration: ≤ 3%
d. suction temperature (℃) ≤ 60 ℃
e. airway resistance (pa): 196pa
f. Product Weight: 1900g
g. Product size: 166 * 158 * 83mm

Pictures of Isolated Chemical Oxygen Self-Rescuer

Isolated Chemical Oxygen Self-Rescuer

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