Introduction Of Trailer Concrete Pump

Trailer concrete pump can be divided into concrete pump and car pump. According press structure, it can be divided into piston type, extrusion type and hydraulic diaphragm type. According to valve types, it can also be divided into the swing pipe valve , butterfly valve and gate valve.

Both trailer pump and automotive pumps are concrete transport machinery. They have the same functions, but the former requires towing vehicle for transportation and another stent pipeline, which values hundreds of thousands, and the later is the locomotive body and has the free stretch boom, no need for pipeline, which values several million dollars. Trailer pump transportation height and distance can reach hundreds of meters, which is far more than the car pump, but it requires piping, needs smaller investments but it is not flexible enough. As for the automotive pumps is flexible enough but needs higher investment.

Trailer Concrete Pump Application

1. The transportation for floor heating, mortar, concrete high-rise building;

2. The transportation for various construction projects in the plain concrete, fiber reinforced concrete ;

3. The transportation for the green soil in ecological environment construction;

4. The pressure grouting for various types of foundation pile .

5. The transportation for highway construction.

Parameters Of Trailer Concrete Pump

The reasonable match of engineer system, hydraulic system and pumping system effectively show the motor max power;

1. double pump, double circuit, open hydraulic systems, matches with each other, longer life;

2. using a large inclination smoothly hopper, effectively improve the suction efficiency;

3. Unique oil buffer allocation techniques to ensure that S pipe swing in place and extend the service life ;

4. Use the quick-change piston device to make the pistons quick and easy;

5. Adopts a proactive defense and passive defense combination of comprehensive anti-emulsion technology to achieve a zero emulsion of hydraulic system oil ;

6. Intelligent control technology matches with color touch screen and applications of high-power motor soft start device ensure grid from shock.

Pictures Of Trailer Concrete Pump

Trailer Concrete PumpTrailer Concrete Pump

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