Introduction of Traffic Sign Line Striping Machine

Latest aptitude program controller from Germany and human-friendly contrarily are adopted in the Line Striping Machine which it possible the prominent marking and prime mark painted at the same time and for just once .It is also equipped with step-less speed changing which makes the movement is carried out at will.It greatly promotes the implementing efficiency and makes the marking accurately fit the shape ,height and space between.It meets the requirement of various road condition and measures up to international norms.The road marks made by it can resist transformation ,abrasion and strikes.
Spots recommended

A.Express way:edge line of the express way ,diversion line,decelerating line near the toll booth and turns in the road.
B.Edge line of the city road,double amber line,cross road,sharp turn,entrance and exit of ramp,
decelerating line in front of the gates of schools,enterprises and institutions.
C.National,provincial and county roads:continuous declivity slope section,sharp turn preparation section,decelerating line before prevarication road,edge line and single amber line in all sections.?
Features of fixing
Compulsory deceleration,reminding by shakes,glistening in rainy days and anti-slippery

1.Compulsory deceleration:remind the driver to slow down in dangerous section such as turn and slopes;
2.Reminding by shakes:Remind and warn the diver who drivers in fatigue or absent-mindedly;
3.Glistening in rainy days:Mark driving safe with clearer visual.
4.Anti-slippery:Magnify the friction with road and slow down the vehicle.
Line Striping Machine Major functions
When the driver is driving in fatigue or absent –mind-eely,the car shakes when it passes over the prominent lines giving out harsh noise. As a result,the driver comes back to sense promptly and readjusts the direction of the car thus preventing accidents.The prominent lines have better tree-dimensional reflection of light ?so that ?the driver can tell the direction and lane in rainy days.The mark lines guarantee the security of driver and provide compulsory deceleration and anti-slip-pery.

Parameter of Traffic Sign Line Striping Machine

Dimension of vibration marking machine




Capacity of paint basket


Beading box volume



HONDA liquefied engine.OHV4stoke

Engine power



LGP dry gas

Movement driving

automatic oil-pressured steples speed changing

Moving speed


Largest slope allowed


Height of prominence


Width of marking


Figure Pictures of Traffic Sign Line Striping Machine

Traffic Sign Line Striping MachineTraffic Sign Line Striping Machine

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