TZ219-A Concrete pavement paver Product Introduction

Concrete paver leveling machine is very suitable for concrete pavement, concrete surface layer of the tunnel, bridges and paving construction. The largest advantage is to resolve general paver leveling machine working problems in restricted construction sites. Since its rollers can be easily changed and easy to transport.
1. Grade-ability is strong
2.the operation is simple
3.adopt Electric switch can walk straight
Main information
1. Extensive use and users reflect well.
2. Widely used in the narrow road construction work which is restricted by environment.
3. Electric switch control is used, the operation is simple and it can walk straight.
4.This machine is designed for narrow cement road in mountains and village, grade-ability is strong.

TZ219-A Concrete pavement paver Main Parameter


TZ219 - A

Total power (Kw)


Paving width (m)


Paving thickness (mm)


Walking speed (m)


Roll shaft diameter (mm)


Weight (kg)


Overall dimensions

1820 * 700 (mm)

TZ219-A Concrete pavement paver Figure Photos

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