Thermoplastic Road Marking Machine Introduction

Thermoplastic Road Marking Machine is key equipment of fusing index line construction,and  it finishes the index line construction cooperating with heat kettle.
Thermoplastic Road Marking Machine adopts specially-produced high precision cast iron marking scoop,in order to ensure index line’s even edge,head,thickness,and pretty line style.Moreover,other characteristics such as that the grounding knife can apply to road surface of different conditions,beading automated broadcasting machine is equipped with timing and buffering facility,specific index line construction has fast speed,easy operation and convenient maintenance,should also be ensured.

Thermoplastic Road Marking Machine Main Parameter

Coating color tank

two-layer stainless steel holding and 

heating tank,capacity 100kg,inserting 

manual agitating device,demountable device

Micro glass bead storing box

10kg per box

Micro glass bead broadcasting machine

Synchronous interface broadcasting,equipped 

with timing and shift device

Making scoop

produced with high-precision ultrathin materials,

drag structure,standard positioning 150mm

Grounding knife

hard alloy,equipped with eccentric sleeve,index 

line’s thickness can be adjusted from 1mm to 


Rubber tire

lead alloy wheel nave,produced with head 

resisting rubber,tail pulley is equipped with 

localize which can make the car advance alone 

a rectilinear direction

Heating method

petroleum liquefied gas

Index line width

100/150/200/300/400/450mm change scribing 

scoop of different scales according to the 

project requirement

Dimension and weight


Net weight


Thermoplastic Road Marking Machine Figure Photos

Thermoplastic Road Marking MachineThermoplastic Road Marking Machine

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