CS-150 Sand Infill Machine Introduction

 The CS-150 type sand infill machine is developed by our company that is a small hand-push Sand infill machine for filling small sports turf sand, and be widely used in worldwide. Combined foreign advanced technology and domestic needs for pavement; we researched and developed this new generation of products. Its simple, easy-to-use and flexibility which is the best machine for pavement of sports lawn.
Volume of sand loading: 150 kg. 
The machine equips four wide wheels (φ400 × 180) that have small pressure so that not hurt the lawn. 
CS-150 sand infill machine used to send a one-way transmission that is able to send sand running forward, running back, and no moving the rubber band, the sands are also not infill when back. The efficiency of the machine is 7-10 times than average artificial hand shovel sand, moreover the sand filling evenly. It is praised by majority of users.
1 This machine is mainly used for filling quartz sand and rubber grains into the artificial lawn. 
2 This machine is supported with 4 wide wheel to reduce the pressure and protect the lawn.
3 At the bottom of the hopper, a one-way wheel is adopted to dump the sand. This wheel discharges sand in moving ahead, and holds sand while moving back.
4 The sand is unloaded in even rate and high efficiency.

CS-150 Sand Infill Machine Main Parameter

Infill Width


Moving Speed

Average speed by manpower

Loading Capability


Machine Weight




Price(FOB Shanghai port)/set

USD  960

CS-150 Sand Infill Machine Figure Photos

    CS-150 Sand Infill MachineCS-150 Sand Infill MachineCS-150 Sand Infill Machine 

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