Introduction Of ZHJ-130/1.2 Fire-fighting Grouting Device

Movable type fire-fighting grouting device is an extinguishing equipment mainly used in coal mine workings and mining areas with danger of spontaneous combustion, can be sprayed, with water as the transmission medium, mud, fly ash slurry, lime and chemical condensation glue such as slurry substances (or higher viscous liquid and solid particles containing impurities and concentrates). It absorbs heat of oxidized coal efficiently, prevents oxidation of coal, plug leakage channels in order to achieve fire prevention and fire fighting.

Feature Of ZHJ-130/1.2 Fire-fighting Grouting Device

1. small size, light weight, fast mobility;  
2. the equipment supporting performance;
3. the entire equipment corrosion resistance;
4. continuous operation, stable operation, high production efficiency;
5. easy transport and operation.

Parameters Of ZHJ-130/1.2 Fire-fighting Grouting Device

Model No.:                                ZHJ-130/1.2
Voltage power(V)                      380/660  
Main motor power(kW)               4.0      
Mixers Power (kW)                     2.2*2   
Storage tank (m^3)                   1*2       
Grouting outlet pressure(MPa)      1.2     
Grouting flow (L/min)                  130 

Pictures Of ZHJ-130/1.2 Fire-fighting Grouting Device


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