Introduction Of WG20-30J Air Respirator Inflator

This product is designed for filling 20MPa-30MPa pressure air cylinders and carefully designed and manufactured, is available for a small breathing gas pressure air inflatable equipment.
WG20-30J air respirator inflator have the advantage of small size, light weight, easy maintenance, and easy to carry and easy to use features, the outlet gas of pure health, non-toxic and tasteless .
WG20-30J air respirator inflator is also applicable to filling high-pressure air and exhaust gas station to use the larger medium can be used for fire brigade filling stations, inflatable diver base stations, mining, oil chemicals, shipbuilding, mountaineering , water sports centers and other industries, for people to rescue, fire fighting, rescue, underwater breathing gas filling,which is ideal equipment for emergency rescue .

Parameters Of WG20-30J Air Respirator Inflator

WG20-30J Air Respirator InflatorWG20-30J Air Respirator Inflator

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