Introduction Of ZHJ80 Fire-fighting Device

1, underground rail mobile type, easy to transport;
2, powdered materials can be two kinds of minerals or more;
3, equipped with a mechanical stirring system, production operations mechanized continuous operation, as long as the material can be added in time, it can produce the required high quality slurry;

4, pump and flow components made of stainless steel (1Cr18Ni9Ti);
5, transportation, convenient operation;

Parameters Of ZHJ80 Fire-fighting Device

Model No.   ZHJ-80/1.2      ZHJ-130/1.2     ZHJ-200/1.2
Voltage power(V)   380/660 380/660  380/660
Motor power(kW) 3.0  4.0 5.5
Mixer power(kW)  2.2*2  2.2*2 2.2*2
Reservoir tank(m3) 1*2 1*2  1*2
Grouting outlet pressure(MPa)  1.2  1.2   1.2
Grouting flow(L/min)  80 130 200

Pictures Of ZHJ80 Fire-fighting Device

ZHJ80 Fire-fighting DeviceZHJ80 Fire-fighting Device

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