Introuduction of SDZ5168TSL Road Sweeper

Front high-pressure water jet device can spray dust, but also high pressure cleaning, dust reduction and cleaning effect is much higher than the traditional sprinkler system.

The sweeper uses a special new nylon brush, which has a fast cleaning speed. Compared with the traditional sweeper, it has the advantages of low noise and high wear resistance.

The cleaning module has no centrifugal fan, low energy consumption, low noise, and easy maintenance.

The automatic control system adopts the intelligent motion controller imported from Germany, which is safe and reliable, with stable performance and IP67 protection degree.

The control system has two working modes: “manual and automatic”. The user can freely choose according to the on-site job requirements. The automatic mode of one-key operation makes the operation simpler, more convenient, and more economical; the manual mode can be used for special roads. Cleaning can also be used for commissioning and maintenance of equipment.

The trash can adopts the lateral discharging mode, and the discharging angle is large, so that the sediment and garbage can be fully discharged automatically.

The inner wall of trash cans is made of engineering plastics to prevent the trash from corroding the inner wall of the trash bin and improve the service life.

The control system adopts Cheng Cheng's automatic mutual-sale protection program to protect the safety and reliability of the road SDZ5168TSLE road sweeper main parameters:

Parameters of SDZ5168TSL Road Sweeper

Chassis model: China National Heavy Duty Truck ZZ1167G381CE1, 3800

Dimensions (length × width × height) mm: length: 7550 width: 2400 height: 3000

Total mass (kg): 16000

Waste container volume (L): 4500

Water tank capacity (L): 4200

Sweeper diameter (mm): 900

Roller diameter (mm):800

Back sweep length (mm): 1700

Width (mm): 3200

Cleaning efficiency: ≥96

The largest cleaning particle size: 110mm

Working speed (km/h): 5-30

Rated pressure of cleaning water (mpa): 6-10 (adjustable)

Cleaning water volume (l/min): 25-40 (varies according to engine speed)

Dump bin tilt angle: ≥45°

Photos of SDZ5168TSL Road Sweeper

 SDZ5168TSL Road SweeperSDZ5168TSL Road Sweeper

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